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Tricked Out Car & Truck Sales is your go-to destination for vehicle preservation and enhancement. We're excited to introduce a revolutionary service to our repertoire – Rust Check, a unique solution for safeguarding your vehicle against rust, ensuring it remains in pristine condition for years to come.

Rust Check


Why Rust Check?

Born out of the advanced technology of the aerospace industry, Rust Check is an internationally acclaimed formula that guarantees unmatched rust protection. Its development in Canada has led to global recognition for its effectiveness in battling one of the most persistent enemies of any vehicle – rust.

Rust Check’s magic lies in its chemical composition. When applied with precision under pressure, it transforms into a concentrated mist that creates a bond with metal surfaces. This bond is more than surface-level protection — it actively repels moisture and acts as an insulator, halting the corrosion process even in the most vulnerable areas like hairline cracks, welded seams, and crevices.

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Beyond Ordinary Rust Protection

What sets Rust Check apart from conventional rust-proofing methods? Traditional approaches often use sealants such as tars and waxes, which can inadvertently trap moisture and expedite rusting. Rust Check, on the other hand, employs a highly concentrated mist that penetrates deep into seams and crevices – the typical hotspots where salts and moisture accumulate. By effectively driving these corrosive elements away, Rust Check preserves the value, structural integrity, and aesthetic appeal of your vehicle.

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Preserving Your Investment

Modern vehicles, despite their advanced galvanization and specialized coatings, are not impervious to rust. That's where Rust Check steps in. It provides additional rust protection that is essential for maintaining your vehicle's resale and residual value, especially important at lease maturity.

Our commitment at Tricked Out Car & Truck Sales is to extend the life and beauty of your vehicle. Rust Check is a testament to this commitment, offering a proactive solution to a problem that affects vehicles nationwide. The moment a vehicle rolls off the assembly line, it's exposed to elements that contribute to deterioration. Rust Check is designed to combat these elements effectively.


Environmentally Conscious Protection

Rust Check stands out not only for its effectiveness but also for its environmental consideration. Unlike many automotive protectants that are classified as toxic and flammable, Rust Check and Coat & Protect are recognized for their safety. They are not controlled products under the Federal Government's Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS). This makes Rust Check a safe choice for both your vehicle and the environment.

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The Rust Check Application Process: Precision and Expertise

At Tricked Out Car & Truck Sales, our certified installers are trained in the specialized application of Rust Check. This process involves the strategic spraying of our Rust Check formula under pressure to ensure it reaches every nook and cranny of your vehicle. This meticulous application ensures that the protective mist permeates through all the critical areas, including those unseen and hard-to-reach spots, providing your vehicle with comprehensive rust protection.


Warranty and Customer Satisfaction

Our confidence in Rust Check is reflected in our warranty offer. Rust Check provides a lifetime, annually renewable warranty for cars less than one model year old, and for qualified cars up to three model years old. This warranty, unique in its transferability and without mileage restrictions, ensures that if your vehicle suffers rust damage from the inside out, we've got the repairs covered in accordance with the Warranty Certificate.

Embrace the peace of mind that comes with knowing your vehicle is protected against rust. Visit us at Tricked Out Car & Truck Sales in Pendleton, Indiana, and let us help you in making a wise choice for your vehicle's future. Remember, Rust Check is more than simply rust protection — it's a commitment to maintaining your vehicle in top condition, ensuring it speaks for you and your standards. Protect your investment today with Rust Check – because your vehicle deserves the best.

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