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Remote Auto Starters

It’s the middle of winter and the snow is coming down hard. Your car that’s parked outside is probably frozen over, and you’re dreading the idea of getting into it.

You think to yourself, “If only there was a way to heat my car up before I get in it.” Well, you’re just in luck! Remote car -truck starters do just that!

They allow you to remotely start your car or truck so that your heater can start warming it before you get in.

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Remote start systems consist of 2 key parts: a control module/radio receiver and a remote transmitter. The control module is installed into your vehicle, which allows you to remotely start your vehicle with the push of a button on the remote transmitter.

Remote starters for Cars & Trucks are most popular in colder climates, where they are used to warm up a car’s engine and activate its heater/defroster. This is especially convenient during winter months when its snowing and temperatures are subfreezing. However, they can also be used to turn on the a/c in extremely hot climates as well!

4 Reasons to Get a Remote Car Starter

Remote car starters make a lot of sense for some people. If you live in a climate with cold winters, remote car starters allow you to start your engine from the warmth and comfort of your home before going out into the cold to drive away. If you live in an area where it is unbearably hot outside during certain times of year, then remote car starters will keep your vehicle cool while it waits for you to return. Remote car starters also help drivers avoid being stranded when their battery dies or they lock themselves out by locking themselves out without their keys. There are many reasons to get a remote starter but here are the top four!

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Stay Punctual

It can defrost your windshield before you even walk outside. How many times have you walked out to your car, trying to leave on time, only to have to spend 5-10 minutes scraping ice, only to be late to wear you were going? Heating your car and letting it defrost can help you stay punctual to wherever you are going.

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Stay Sensible

Warm-up your car before driving it to eliminate oil and enhance gas mileage. Otherwise, if you started your car and drove off immediately on cold days, your engine would have to work harder and consume more gasoline.

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Stay Safe

It's safer than leaving the keys in the ignition. One of the most significant advantages of a remote car starter is that you can start the car without leaving the keys in it, safe and secure against theft.

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Stay Comfortable

One of the greatest reasons to have a remote control automobile starter is that it allows you to enter a hot or cold vehicle. Simply leave your heater on during the winter and press the start button, and you'll be able to warm up the inside of your car before you even get out of bed.

In summary, there are plenty of reasons to get a remote car starter. If you live somewhere that experiences cold winters then it will allow you to warm up your vehicle before getting in, defrosting the windshield for easier driving. Heating your vehicle also increases gas mileage so it's better for the environment and can help save money on heating costs throughout winter! You can also leave your keys securely in the house and avoid getting locked out by having a remote car starter to keep it safe.

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